Life After Death

There is life after death – at least for those left behind. Make the transition of your loved ones through their grief as easy as possible by being prepared for when you are no longer around. Oakleigh Funeral Home is running a series of tips to assist people avoid the common pitfalls encountered by grieving families.

Marital Status

The marital status that is reflected on a death certificate is indicative of what the Department of Home Affairs had on record, at the time of death, whether it was correct or not. It is not uncommon for this to be incorrect, however with the advent of smart cards, this issue is lessening.

If you have recently lost a spouse, it is imperative to check with Home Affairs on what your status is as this is not automatically updated. Divorced individuals would do well to do the same check, to ensure that their details have been updated. The POPI act (PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION) has had an impact on what information and paperwork Home Affairs is willing to release once both spouses have passed away – this includes Marital Certificates, making updating the status far more complicated, if not impossible.

With the suspension of the online check offered by Home Affairs, this task demands considerably more effort but can save a lot of trouble encountered whilst trying to wind up an estate with an incorrect status on the death certificate.

So, rather make the effort now to make sure your marital status is correct, to save your family having to undertake this arduous task on your behalf.