There is life after death – at least for those left behind. Make the transition of your loved ones through their grief as easy as possible by being prepared for when you are no longer around. Oakleigh Funeral Home is running a series of tips to assist people avoid the common pitfalls encountered by grieving families.

This is a vital document; and it cannot be overstated that passing away without one in place is a disaster.  Apart from informing loved ones whether you wish to be buried or cremated, it also outlines who you wish to act on your behalf, and in the best interests of your loved ones – how and to whom your assets are to be allocated when you are no longer around.  

Just take a moment to imagine the horror and grief for your family on your passing away, possibly unexpectedly, only to be informed that there are not directives, and that the process is now going to be controlled by the state electing somebody; somebody that you or your family don’t know and have very little say in.

If you have a spouse or dependent children, how are they going to be supported? What costs are going to be incurred? 

The next worse thing to not having a will, is not informing family where or with whom this will lies – forcing them to go on a search from attorney to bank to financial planner. Put together a file of sorts with your will and other related documents for family to go through on your death; this can only be a gesture of love and compassion to those you love and leave behind.

For more detailed information on Living Wills and Testamentary Trusts, please do watch our interviews with Margaret McCullough from J Leslie Smith & Company: and Ivan Talbot from Talbot Attorneys: