There is life after death – at least for those left behind. Make the transition of your loved ones through their grief as easy as possible by being prepared for when you are no longer around. Oakleigh Funeral Home is running a series of tips to assist people avoid the common pitfalls encountered by grieving families.

Funeral Preplanning – your funeral is not for you!

That is quite a statement but let us explain;

A lot can be said regarding leaving a few recorded wishes on what you want done once you have passed on. Where and if applicable:

  • you wish to have your service conducted
  • where the ashes are to be spread or your remains interred
  • any special hymns to be sung or songs to be included in the service
  • your thoughts on flowers.

However a thought to be borne when compiling such a list, is that the funeral is predominantly NOT FOR YOU. The funeral/memorial service or simple committal provides an outlet for surviving family to address their grief and get their thoughts and emotions out into the open whilst being surrounded by supportive friends and family when they need it most.  

It is not for the deceased or, for that matter of fact, the funeral director to encourage more or less expenditure. Dictating, whilst with every good intention, what must and can’t happen, can be very unhelpful. 

Suggestions on the other hand go a long way in releasing family from guilt spending and allow them to do what they feel is appropriate for closure.