Choosing a Monumental stone is an important step in the healing process, therefore we have compassionate staff at Oakleigh to help the family through this process.

We continue to walk alongside the family, after the cremation or burial, offering advice and guidance in selectin and planning this final tribute from the family. We work around the timelines that the family have, offering them the opportunity for closure before they all have to depart their separate ways and continue with life.


Considerations when planning a Monumental stone

• Cemetery regulations; Are there any directives regarding size and style of the stone.
• Available Materials: Granite is not only cheaper but lasts better, eduring the elements much better than Marble. Some plaques, specifically those for gardens of remembrance, are also made from other materials such as brass and aluminium.
• Timelines: this is dependent on how elaborate the monumental is and availabitly of the mason to install. Sufficient time before your unveiling time needs to be taken into consideration and planning.
• Documentation: Is there anything we have to submit to the cemetery.

Requirements from a family

  • Grave/ Niche numbers as well as title deeds to grave if applicable
  • Text for stone/ plaque