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Exhumation & Repatriation

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Oakleigh Funeral Home has the infrastructure to assist families locally and internationally, with the exhumation or repatriation of a loved one.


Exhumation is the re-opening of a grave and the removal of the deceased. Exhumation can take place only in particular circumstances, such as:

  • When a court orders an exhumation as part of a criminal investigation
  • For public health reasons, for example if a graveyard or cemetery is being moved
  • Family reasons, for example if the family of the deceased person asks for the remains to be moved to another burial ground, another part of the country, abroad, or the remains to be cremated.


Repatriation is the transport of a deceased’s human remains from his or her place of passing away, to a destination determined by the next-of-kin, for either a burial or cremation service, this could include repatriation across national and international borders.

There are a number of requirements that need to be complied with before a deceased person can be repatriated.

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